• 25 2015-11

    The new website was successfully launched

    In order to better enhance the company's image and create favorable conditions for the company's operation and development, our website has been successfully upgraded and revised.

  • 09 2014-10

    In the most beautiful season, let us meet the Shanghai Hardware Show

    This is a grand exhibition, which will be attended by more than 2,500 companies. Start the one-year exhibition with the latest products.

  • 25 2015-11

    Pay attention to the quality of hardware accessories in the decoration

    The hardware accessories in the decoration include: door locks, door hinges, door suctions, bath towel pendants, and other materials. Many owners and even some home improvement companies have failed to pay attention to them.

  • 25 2015-11

    Well-known exhibitors gather in Shanghai 2017 Kitchen Expo opens into the countdown

    The 2017 China International Kitchen Expo LivingKitchen China / CIKB 2017 (referred to as the 2017 Kitchen Expo) will be grandly opened at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center from October 22-24. As the only event in China that is only the exhibition of the kitchen industry, this year's kitchen fair was strongly promoted by LivingKitchen, the mother-in-law Cologne International Kitchen Show.

  • 25 2018-06

    Highlights first look - May 17-19 invites you to visit the 12th Guangzhou International Surface Treatment Exhibition

    Prepared for the past 12 years, the 12th Guangzhou International Surface Treatment, Electroplating and Coating Exhibition will bring nine major events and 300 advanced surface treatment exhibitors at the Poly World Trade Center Expo in Guangzhou on May 17-19. Grand opening. The exhibition was co-sponsored by Guangdong Zhizhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. in conjunction with China Surface Engineering Association Electroplating Branch, China Surface Engineering Association Coating Branch, and Guangdong Electroplating Industry Association. It is a powerful and influential force.