Stainless steel screws for sharing bicycles are insignificant but contain "black technology"
       The bicycles are parked in the open air all day, and it is inevitable that the sun and the rain will test the quality and sexyness of the various accessories of the bicycle. Looking closely at the shared bike, you will find a lot of screws fastened on the top. These small screws seem to be insignificant, but they play an important role. The easy disassembly of the screw increases the problem of the stolen bicycle. If the screw in the key part is loose, it will also cause the bicycle to collapse, affecting the ride and even endangering safety.
       Based on the particularity of shared bicycles, anti-theft and reducing the failure rate are particularly important to meet the needs of users, and to enhance the travel experience. To solve these problems, it is necessary to set up and detail the accessories for each bicycle. The screws used in sharing bicycles are different from the screws we see in daily life. The common screws are mostly Phillips screws, addition and subtraction screws, or hexagon socket screws, Phillips screws, and these corresponding wrenches are also compared. Generally, it is simpler to remove the screws. The shared bicycles are mostly stainless steel anti-theft screws, such as the stainless steel screws produced by Jinruikangcheng, which are also widely used in shared bicycles of many famous brands on the market.
       It is understood that there are two main types of stainless steel screws used in shared bicycles on the market. One is an anti-theft screw with a hexagonal column and the other is a plum blossom grooved post screw. The non-standard groove type of plum blossom column has better function of anti-theft and anti-theft. In addition, when riding on different sections of the environment, cycling can not avoid vibration, and dispensing on the thread can solve this problem well. There is also a waterproof rubber screw with a red waterproof rubber ring under the screw head to prevent rain from entering the bicycle interior. Because of this ingenious design, it has effectively rust-proof, anti-theft and anti-corrosion.
       At present, more and more teenagers have used shared bicycles as a fitness tool. At the same time, traffic congestion is still growing, sharing bicycles will be widely used, and Jin Ruikang's stainless steel anti-theft screws appear, which undoubtedly achieves the same with bicycles. The solution to the problem, the uniform construction of the accessories can not meet the needs of sharing bicycles, even if it is just a small screw, focusing on details, innovative quality, is the trend of the times, and is crucial.